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Pray Without Ceasing is a philosophy, filled with original concepts that will keep you moving in one direction: forward!

Whether you want insights on science, religion, spirituality, history, or something else altogether, you will find novel and practical approaches to experiencing growth in life, love, and spirituality in this collection of essays and God-winks.

In addition to sharing her own insights, the author examines the ideas of Jesus Christ, Buddha, Albert Einstein, Saint Paul, Carl Jung, Mother Earth, and God. There is no limit to where these ideas, and your own, will take you.

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Other Works

A Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots

Lies are everywhere, but we can see the truth if we try really hard.

Following up on the success of her first philosophical book, Pray without Ceasing, Robin P. Currie leads readers on a humorous adventure into the grey area between truth, lies, and manipulations. She seeks to answer questions such as:

• What happens when we live outside of our core truths and values?
• What secrets do we keep tucked away deep inside ourselves?
• What benefits can we realize by converting to a more fluid way of approaching life’s ups and downs?

The author’s purpose is to dispel and refute limiting beliefs, but she also questions whether limiting beliefs are real at all. Are we told we have limiting beliefs, when in fact, we have none? Could the entire concept be a profound untruth that, when believed, places upon us a predestined measure of suffering?

Join the author as she exposes ridiculous deceptions, hilarious lies, and the irony of our own beliefs in A Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots.

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