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About the Books

Pray Without Ceasing

Throughout the book, you will consider questions such as:

Why have so many people been taught to fear God? Why do we pray, and why should we pray? Why do we struggle with trusting others?

The author also examines topics such as yoga, meditation, exposure to toxic beliefs, the role of personal boundaries, and more. Weaved throughout the book are prayers of intention, daily mantras, and daily verses.

A Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots

Lies are everywhere, but we can see the truth if we try really hard.

Following up on the success of her first philosophical book, Pray without Ceasing, Robin P. Currie leads readers on a humorous adventure into the grey area between truth, lies, and manipulations. She seeks to answer questions such as:

• What happens when we live outside of our core truths and values?• What secrets do we keep tucked away deep inside ourselves? • What benefits can we.....